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300W Led Spot Moving Head Light

Item No.: AL300SPOT
300W Led Spot Moving Head is a new generation high power led moving head light. With 300W led white lamp source, lifespan reaches 50K hours. This is multi-functional light, with pure spot and low noice, best for TV studio, theater and high-class bars and
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Technical Parameter:

Power Consumption: 450W max

Voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Light Source: 300W LED white lamp

Lifespan: 50000 Hours

Color Temperature: 7000-7500K

Color Plate: One color plate, 7 colors+ open, bidirectionally rainbow effect

Gobo plate: One fixed gobo plate, 9 gobos, with shaking and flowing effect.

            One rotating gobo plate, 7 interchangeable gobos, with gobo indexing function. Shaking and flowing effect.  

Prism: One 3-facet prism. Bidirectionally rotating effect.

Frost: One frost plate

Iris: 100-5% linear iris adjustment, pulse zooming function. 

Zoom: Linear zooming angle 11°-33°

Electric strobe: 0.5-20/sec, pulse and random strobe effect. 

Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer, 3 dimmer curve optional.

Movement: Pan: 540°, Tilt: 270°speed adjustable. Auto-correction function. 

Control: DMX 512 

20/23 Channels

Other function: LCD display, English/Chinese optional. 

Housing: metal and plastic

Protection grade:IP20

20CH 23CH  
1 1 Dimmer
2 2 Dimmer Fine
3 3 Strobe
4 4 Color
5 5 Fixed Gobo
6 6 Rot Gobo
7 7 Gobo Rot
  8 Gobo Rot Fine
8 9 Iris
9 10 Effect
10 11 Prism Rot
11 12 Wash Modes
12 13 Focus
  14 Focus Fine
13 15 Zoom
  16 Zoom Fine
14 17 Pan
15 18 Pan Fine
16 19 Tilt
17 20 Tilt Fine
18 21 P/T Speed
19 22 Dimmer Curve
20 23 Control

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